About NTE Hyrbid

Our mission is to assist our clients in building and operating cost-effective hybrid renewable generation to benefit both our customers and the environment.

NTE Hybrid focuses on designing and implementing hybrid renewable generating solutions that lower capital and operating costs while improving plant efficiency. NTE Hybrid has the experience to take hybrid power generation projects from initial feasibility review to construction and operation.

The staff of NTE Hybrid has extensive energy industry experience, including leadership roles with several major energy, legal and construction/engineering firms. Staff experience includes extensive marketing, engineering and development roles for combined cycle, simple cycle, gas pipeline, biofuels, biomass and desalination projects, both domestic and international.

NTE Hybrid's cutting-edge product designs, knowledgeable staff, and flexibility enables seamless incorporation of hybrid generation solutions into a customer's new and existing assets.

NTE Hybrid is an affiliate of NTE Solutions, an infrastructure services provider. NTE Solutions was founded in 2009 and has been actively providing infrastructure service across the globe.


NTE Hybrid: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

NTE Hybrid has developed patented hybrid technology that integrate proven biomass combustion with proven steam electric generating technologies into a single efficient hybrid renewable power generation facility.

Hybrid technology provides substantial capital cost savings through the use of a shared steam turbine and other common major equipment and systems between a traditionally fueled power plant and a renewable thermal cycle. The unique design of the hybrid technology allows the generating facility to realize significant operating cost savings further benefiting electric customers. Hybrid technology can be integrated into the design of new combined cycle or other fossil fuel power plants or retrofitted onto almost any existing power plant that has a steam turbine, including solid fuel units or simple cycle to combined conversions.


Hybrid Power Generating Benefits

  • Hybrid power provides a cost-effective source of baseload renewable electric generating capacity
  • Each project creates hundreds of construction jobs and numerous permanent jobs related to facility operations
  • Low-cost or no-cost fueled supply mixture of clean forest, mill and urban woody biomass, as well as other diverted waste streams and solar thermal energy
  • Locally-sourced renewable energy production can generate $15 million to $20 million per year in the local economy and reduce waste disposal issues
  • Each project provides an ongoing economic benefit to the local community
  • Environmentally friendly clean site through utilization of EcoBARN (enclosed biomass and/or unloading and storage)
  • Projects may be eligible for benefits at federal, state and local levels

Technology Licensing Agreements

NTE Hybrid has the know-how and in-house capability to perform a full-scope hybrid project development, but understands the desire of clients to perform their own project development activities. As a result, NTE Hybrid is offering its hybrid technology on a license agreement basis or can assist clients in developing their own hybrid applications. This arrangement allows for clients to develop, construct and operate the project as they see fit.